Say a lot with a little and establish a solid foundation for branding and communication with a well-crafted logo.


Marketing Campaigns

Let’s turn prospects into patrons. Crafting thoughtful and coordinated communications – from paper to pixel – builds your brand recognition and ensures that your marketing dollars are earning you the best return on investment.


Women’s Resource Center

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Leelanau Township Community Foundation

Despite working over generations to strengthen their community through thoughtful investments in people and projects, the Leelanau Township Community Foundation was not well known among the public.

Gene worked with them to create compelling communications that would help LTCF raise its image in the minds of community members and build support.

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Bradley's Pub & Grille / Interlochen Golf Course

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Bella Fortuna North

Leelanau County, Bella Fortuna North's home, is heavily visited during warm-weather months. Communicating effectively with visitors is key to success. By coordinating and crafting meaningful web, print and email communications we transformed Bella Fortuna North's image – helping them transition from a struggling passion project into a thriving dining destination.

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