Graphic Inventory

The first order of business was to document what colors, type and techniques had been used in the existing exhibits. Gene conducted a survey and compiled my findings into an easy to reference document that would serve as a benchmark for future graphic development. 


Developing Graphic Standards

Various options for graphic design were developed. Striking the right tone – matching previous exhibit elements while still bringing the look of new elements up to date – was very important.


After deliberation we settled on an approach that worked with a type and color palette consistent with established exhibits but added fields of color and texture to highlight important content and generally give the new graphics more visual weight.


Finished Exhibits

Polished dimensional letters installed on one of the halls more prominent walls clearly identify the space as the Hall of Ideas. Prominent identification has been sorely lacking for the past 3+ decades.


Working with skilled fabrications, we expanded this periodic table exhibit to keep pace with scientific discoveries – seamlessly blending new and old.

Small interpretive graphics add new depth to well established exhibits.


Vinyl on glass graphics elegantly identify sound studios while still allowing clear views.

Dense graphics and interactive AV exhibits combine to provide rich experiences and the opportunity for visitors to take a deep dive into the worlds of visual art and design.

Graphic Specifications

Clear and thorough specification ensures finished graphics meet expectations and last the test of time. Renderings, layouts, dimensions and notes ensure that production is smooth and finished graphics arrive on time and on budget.


Project Credits