A complete array of signs support paddlers at all points of their journey. DOT directionals help guide paddlers to access points, kiosks provide all the information paddlers need to be safe and courteous at trail heads, access identifiers ensure that exit points are visible from the water and caution signs keep paddlers away from danger.


Safety and Stewardship Communications

Trailhead kiosks provide an opportunity to encourage safe paddling and environmental sensitivity. A array of interchangeable panels, like these, allow trail administrators to communicate relevant messages at all the trailheads according to the needs at each location.

PaddleAntrim_WaterTrail_LowerChain_-12 copy.jpg
PaddleAntrim_WaterTrail_LowerChain_-12 copy 2.jpg

Map Artwork

Customized maps at trailheads help paddlers orient themselves within the larger trail system as well as walking-distance communities. Amenities relevant to paddlers — food, dining, restrooms, etc. — are highlighted on each map. Suggested paddling route descriptions help new visitors plan their outing.


Documentation and Specification

Clear specifications and detailed documentation keeps the program logic and design intent intact through the fabrication and installation phases.


Project Credits

Wayfinding Design and Specification - Gene Ullery-Smith
Client - Paddle Antrim