Project Overview

This was one of the first projects for which I was charged with the task of designing and producing the graphics. It was a great honor to have a hand in telling the story of the first black Army officers and the pioneering Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. The finished exhibit strikes balance between a memorial and an interactive/educational exhibit. 


Finished Exhibits

An introductory graphic, above, locates the visitor, explains the purpose of the museum and invites further exploration.


This artifact case and this mural act as a transition between the Interwar Gallery and the WWII Gallery. The WWII Gallery focuses on the contributions of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps.


This audio-visual exhibit speaks to the experience of WAAC enlistees.


African-American officers influenced, and were influenced by, the French musical culture. This interactive exhibit, above, plays samples of compositions created by officers who spent time in France during WWI.



Lead exhibit design - John Metcalf, Good Design Group