The Wm. S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center



These cabinets introduce visitors the roots of the company that grew to be a global provider of windows and doors.


This thematic environment, above, recollects the life and times of teacher Margaret Wallin Marvin and her husband William S. “Bill” Marvin.

A series of initial graphics were developed to accent the typography in the previously mentioned exhibit.


This recreated grain elevator structure recalls the look and feel of past marketing materials to tell the story of the Marvin children. 

The classic stack-and-strip Marvin window is featured prominently in this exhibit which details the activities of MW&D during the mid-century.

These spinning, interactive graphics exhibit the ingenious components developed by Marvin engineers.


Project Credits

Thanks to Scott Saxton for his brilliant illustrations and graphic design assistance. Exhibit design by John Metcalf of Good Design Group.