A comprehensive map – the first in the forest's history – was developed to accurately depict the complex network of overlaying pathways and amenities. This map unified several sources of information – including previous maps, satellite images and GPS data. Large versions of this map are installed at trailheads. The map was also adapted to a smaller, easily-printed format. 

Guide Signs for Multi-use Trails

Located at the intersections of the multi-use trails, these hybrid guide/map signs provide skiers, walkers and riders on horseback all the information they need to navigate 36 trail segments. 

Durable, affordable and update-able components make system maintenance easy.

Single Track Loop Signage

Simple directional signs help mountain bikers and free runners stay safely on track as they move quickly along the forest's single track pathways. Clear warning signs control traffic flow and alert users to obstacles. 

Color-coded entrance identifiers and trailblazers help users quickly identify the four single track loops.

Small signs smartly placed provide information to trail users while not disturbing the natural setting.

Design Documentation

Clear specifications and detailed documentation keeps the program logic and design intent intact through the fabrication and installation phases.

On-site Data Logging

GPS data was collected by biking and hiking the portions of the park that had never been documented.