System Components

An array of signs are employed within the park to ensure that varied messages are delivered at the right location and scale. Design continuity supports park visitors from arrival through their visit and finally departure.


Gateway Mock-up

Striking the right balance between visibility, pedestrian and motorists sight lines required the use of physical and 3D models along with illustration. The net result is a prominent sign that clearly and beautifully identifies the park while being sensitive to the park and its users.


Installed Signs

Finished signs impressed friends of the park with their sensitivity to the park's beauty and heritage. Visitors love the clear and comprehensive information that help to improve navigation of the park.

© Forest Park Forever

© Forest Park Forever

Sign Location Plan and Message Schedules

Detailed documentation helps stakeholders understand the logic and content of the wayfinding system during its development and serves as a reference for sign installers.


Project Credits

Work completed with other designers and staff while employed by Corbin Design.