Gene Ullery-Smith, Designer

Museum directors rely on Gene to deliver complete interpretive graphic programs, administrators appreciate the durable wayfinding solutions he designs and business owners look to Gene for compelling visual identities and marketing communications.



Wayfinding focuses on making life easier while navigating unfamiliar territory - be it a city, a trail system or a medical environment. With organizational skills and design acumen, Gene Ullery-Smith designs successful wayfinding systems for businesses and municipalities. 


Midland City Forest

Gene Ullery-Smith documented every trail in this park and created a system of maps and signs to help visitors find their way.  

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Crystal Mountain Resort

Gene Ullery-Smith worked to develop pedestrian and vehicular guides as well as identity signage to clarify wayfinding throughout new resort additions – a spa, a condo community and a hotel.

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Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center

Designers worked with staff to uncover challenges, develop a comprehensive wayfinding logic and implement a phased set of solutions that would demystify the experience of navigating this regional medical center.

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Forest Park

Located centrally in the St. Louis metro area, historic Forest Park serves as a destination for athletes, art and history enthusiasts as well as nature lovers.

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Chippewa Banks Disc Golf Course Signage

A lack of clear signage was very frustrating for disc golf players at this Midland, Michigan park.

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Grass River Natural Area

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City of Midland

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Map Artwork

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Interpretive exhibits reward museum visitors with rich experiences and lasting memories. Let’s talk about your next exhibit.


Detroit Historical Museum

Great exhibits and great graphics combine in the Detroit Historical Museum’s new and redone galleries – all part of a sweeping $12 million overhaul. Museum graphics must look great and educate quickly – a specialty of Gene Ullery-Smith. Read on to see how his work helps set the tone for each exhibit. 

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Midland Center for the Arts

After years of use the Midland Center for the Arts' Hall of Ideas was starting to show it's age. Gene was charged with developing new graphics to enliven existing exhibits, add depth to new exhibits and put in place a protocol of creating future interpretive graphics.

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Located within a lakeside park near a historic train depot, this wayside exhibit recalls the history of Topinabee, one of Northern Michigan’s storied resort villages.

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Built by the River, Dossin Great Lakes Museum

Detroit’s growth and development into one of the nation’s leading metropolitan regions is undeniably linked to the river that shares its name.

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The Western Center for Archaeology and Paleontology

The Western Center for Archaeology & Paleontology is home to 1,000,000 specimens unearthed while the Diamond Valley Lake was being created. 5,000 sq. ft. of exhibits interpret the story those specimens tell.

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Marvin Windows and Doors

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Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center

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St. Nicholas Traveling Exhibit

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Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center

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Branding & Marketing

You and your business are one of a kind. The image you present to the world should be too. Contact Gene for a unique branding and marketing communications.



Say a lot with a little and establish a solid foundation for branding and communication with a well-crafted logo.



Branding & MARKETING

Let’s turn prospects in to patrons. Crafting thoughtful and coordinated communications – from paper to pixel – builds brand recognition and ensures that marketing dollars are earning you the best return on investment.


Bradley's Pub & Grille / Interlochen Golf Course

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Bella Fortuna North

Leelanau County, Bella Fortuna North's home, is heavily visited during warm-weather months. Communicating effectively with visitors is key to success. By coordinating and crafting meaningful web, print and email communications we transformed Bella Fortuna North's image – helping them transition from a struggling passion project into a thriving dining destination.

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Music in the Park

Listening to live music on a warm Summer evening while enjoying a glass of wine and gazing over Grand Traverse Bay is something close to perfection.

The Northport Omena Chamber of Commerce enlisted Gene Ullery-Smith to breath new life into their Music in the Park communications and, in turn, raise the profile of this northern Michigan concert series.

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Leelanau Township Community Foundation

Despite working over generations to strengthen their community through thoughtful investments in people and projects, the Leelanau Township Community Foundation was not well known among the public.

Gene worked with them to create compelling communications that would help LTCF raise its image in the minds of community members and build support.

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